AI research is moving at lightning speed and it can be hard for industry-focused practitioners to keep up. Designed for a highly technical audience who wants to take their understanding of AI to the next level, Endless Summer School showcases new and interesting research from Vector's network of 700 researchers. This series delves into the latest advances in AI domains, helps to distill thousands of academic papers into the critical few insights practitioners need, and keeps technical practitioners at the cutting edge of AI research.


Dive into the forefront of machine learning innovation at The Endless Summer School (ESS) event, where we present handpicked highlights from the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML). Join distinguished researchers as they succinctly unveil groundbreaking ICML 2023 papers, discussing key findings and methodologies. Discover the latest trends in deep learning, machine learning, and more, gaining actionable insights for your own projects and collaborations.

ESS bridges academia and industry, offering a unique opportunity to grasp cutting-edge advancements and drive practical implementation across the machine learning landscape.


All times in ET

10:00 AM

Sedef Akinli Kocak, Director,  Vector Institute
Opening remarks

10:02 AM

Omkar Dige, Vector Institute
Talk title: “ICML 2023 Highlights”

11:00 AM

Nikita Dhawan, University of Toronto, Vector Institute, Google
Talk title: “Efficient Parametric Approximations of Neural Network Function Space Distance”

11:20 AM

Xujie Si, University of Toronto, Vector Institute, Mila
Talk title: “Towards Reliable Neural Specifications"

11:40 AM

Hoaran Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Talk title: “Why did the Model Fail?”

12:00 PM

Closing remarks & adjourn

Omkar Dige
Omkar Dige
Vector Institute
Associate Applied ML Specialist

Nikita Dhawan
Nikita Dhawan
University of Toronto; Vector Institute
PhD Student

Xujie Si
Xujie Si
University of Toronto; Vector Institute; Mila
Assistant Professor

Haoran Zhang
Haoran Zhang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD Student

This event is open to Vector Sponsors, Vector Researchers, and invited health partners only. Any registration that is found not to be a Vector Sponsor, Vector Researcher or invited health partner will be asked to provide verification and, if unable to do so, will not be able to attend the event. Please contact with any questions.