Commercialization education sessions give Vector researchers a chance to connect with and hear from experienced industry specialists on a range of topics, including venture capital, contract law, intellectual property and AI, patent eligibility, and entrepreneurship.


Intellectual property (IP) is crucial not only for protecting and scaling a business, but is one of the top ways that potential investors value a company in its early days. Yet, protecting IP is not as straight forward for the AI industry as it is for other tangible innovations. There are several ways that AI innovators can leverage an IP strategy that layers different forms of protection, which may include:

  • copyright,
  • patents, or
  • non-disclosure agreements to secure a strong market position.

Join Peter Cowan, CEO of Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON), who will discuss IP for the AI industry and available IP support services through IPON including education, available grants, mentorship programs, and several online resources. IPON is a government agency launched in the fall of 2023 to help innovators—particularly in the AI sector—protect their IP and commercialize in the global marketplace. 


Jarrod Hicks, Director of IP, Intellectual Property Ontario

Jarrod enjoys working with startups and scale-ups. Each company has its own strengths and challenges, and he relishes the opportunity to help them succeed along their individual journeys. He has experience in numerous divergent technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neural computing. Prior to joining IPON, he thrived in IP procurement and prosecution representing several multinational companies in Silicon Valley. He holds bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering and mathematics, and obtained his JD from Santa Clara University. He has been a registered U.S. patent lawyer for over 15 years

Dr. Alexander Bilbily, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, 16 Bit Inc. 

Dr. Alexander Bilbily is a Toronto-based academic radiologist, nuclear medicine physician, and computer scientist. Dr. Bilbily is Co-Founder & Co-CEO of 16 Bit Inc, an internationally award-winning AI medical imaging company with the vision of augmenting physician diagnostic ability using artificially intelligent tools. 16 Bit currently offers Health Canada approved SaMD for osteoporosis screening and pediatric bone age assessment. Dr. Bilbily also serves as the director of the Augmented Precision Medicine (APM) lab at Sunnybrook Hospital and is a Scientific Advisory Committee member at Osteoporosis Canada. Dr. Bilbily believes that AI will be the foundation of next-generation tools that will improve the efficiency, quality, and reliability of care that physicians can offer to their patients.

16 Bit Inc. is among IPON’s latest group of companies receiving intellectual property services and funding. Dr. Bilbily will speak to his experience as an IPON client and overall intellectual property journey

Sadegh Raeisi, Co-founder and CEO, Foqus Technologies Inc. 

Sadegh has a PhD in Quantum Computing from University of Waterloo and has been involved in the quantum technologies and machine learning space for 15 years. Among other things, he's known for solving a 10-year-old open problem in quantum thermodynamics. He leads Foqus technologies where they are using quantum technologies and AI to build the future of medical imaging and make non-invasive medical imaging accessible.

Foqus Technologies is among IPON’s latest cohort of clients and Sadegh will speak to his experience and intellectual property journey

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