Vector's Business Insights series is a tailored non-technical seminar session that hosts talks from business practitioners and leaders on rapidly changing AI technology, sectors of future concern, and AI-specific governance building up understanding of successful adoption of AI. Participants throughout the series unpack timely themes and challenges in plain language with examples from industry, and delve into the AI-specific governance, project management, and communication practices underpinning the successful adoption of AI. The series also leverages the networking opportunity within the participants and leaders.


Explore the intersection of cybersecurity and AI at the upcoming Vector Business Insights (VBI) seminar, a part of our dedicated series on AI in business. Tailored for businesses navigating AI integration, this seminar zeroes in on the risks and challenges posed by AI in cybersecurity. Learn from top industry figures on how AI can be a double-edged sword, offering advanced security solutions while introducing unique vulnerabilities. This session is designed to equip companies with the knowledge to balance AI innovation with robust cyber defense strategies. Stay tuned for our speaker line-up. Register now to secure your spot!



This event is open to Vector Sponsors, FastLane Companies, and Vector Researchers only. Any registration that is found not to be a Vector Sponsor, FastLane company or Vector researcher will be asked to provide verification and, if unable to do so, will not be able to attend the event. Please contact with any questions. Note this session is in English.